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Personal Chef Boston, Your kitchen confidante is located in Chestnut Hill, M and serves the greater Boston metro area. Lisa is an experienced cook, nutritionist and culinary instructor. She offers private instruction in her own home, catering services, recipe development and nutritional consulting. Lisa also conducts workshops and seminars on topics such as healthy eating, weight loss, stress management and business planning.

Personal Chef Boston Glossary:

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Carina is a personal cookery business located in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Their menu offers a wide variety of tasty dishes made from fresh ingredients. Carina Is Cookin's chefs prepare meals to order in your home kitchen, so they can make sure every meal tastes just right.

Chef David

Chefs David is a professional catering company offering delicious food for private dinners, corporate meetings, and social gatherings. They can cater your next event no matter how large or small. Their chefs prepare gourmet dishes for any occasion including birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and family reunions. Contact them today to learn more about their menu options and pricing structure.

Chef Gloria

Chef Gloria offers personalized nutrition plans for clients who suffer from various health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 Diabetics. She specializes in preparing healthy meals for her clients, and also teaches them how to cook simple dishes so they can easily prepare their own meals. She provides customized menus for each client based on their individual needs, and she ensures that the meals prepared meet strict guidelines.


Darlene is a personal chef Boston service based out of Hanover, Massachusetts and offers catering services throughout the South Shore of Boston area. Darlene cooks personalized meals for her regular customers including those who are on restricted diets and/or follow specific eating plans such as Paleo. She strives to offer healthy, delicious, nutritious meals that can be served in under 30 mins. Chef Darlene has run her own catering company for 18 years and is also a CSCS (Certification Specialist in Culinary Services) through the National Kitchen & Bath Association.


Cuisine is a food service business based in Somerville, Massachusetts. They offer catering and personalized cooking services. Their menu consists of freshly-prepped meals that are served in your own home. In 2016, Cuisine won Boston’s Best award from The Improper Bostonian and the Best of Personal Chefs from Boston Magazine. Additionally, they were named one of the best personal chefs in the city by the SF Chronicle.


Didi is from Milton, Massachusetts and is an experienced personal chef, catering professional, and writer who specializes in flavors of the earth. She brings fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs to her client’s homes for dinner every week, prepares meals using seasonal ingredients, and offers consulting services.

Grace .

Grace is a specialty meal service provider based out of Boston, MA. They provide customized menu plans, healthy recipes, culinary classes, and personalized nutrition counseling. Their clients can choose between a one-time package deal or an ongoing subscription plan. Individual meal plans start at $25, and family-style plates cost $15–$18 per serving. Private chefs can charge anywhere from $40–$60 per hour depending on experience level. Their packaging is 100% recyclable.

Home Chef

Home Chef is an online personal chef company based in Stoughton, MA. They offer a variety of services including catering events, meal prep services, and private dinners. They also provide gift cards, multi-course meals, and customized menus. Since 2008 they have served clients throughout New England. In addition to their catering and meal prep services, they also offer custom menus, gift card options, and private dinners.

Lester Personal Chef

Lester, personal Chefs is located in Roslinda, Massachusetts. His menu includes fresh service, cocktail party times, family-sized buffets, cookout and barbeque events, the games on, paella parties and dinner in a flash prepped service. Lester provides his clients with a variety of catering options including fresh service, cocktail parties, family-size buffets, cook out and barbecue events, the game’s on, paella parties or dinners in a flash. He also offers catering options such as fresh service, cocktail parties and family-size buffets. Lester Esser is a proud member of The United States Personal Chefs Association. Lester underwent the MA Allergen training.

Queen of the Kitchen

Queen of the Kitchen is a private in-house cooking service provider located in Natick, Massachusetts, catering to clients who desire nutritious home cooked meals. The company offers customized menus designed by a nutritionist and delivered right to your door. They also offer personal assistance with food selection and purchasing. Their goal is to help people eat better and live healthier lives.

The Vegan Chef

The Vegan Chef is an online food delivery service based out of Waltham, MA. They offer personalized cooking classes, in-person meals, and catering options. Classes can range from Comfort Foods to Weeknights to Kale. In addition to being certified by great they are also certified organic.

Tiny Dick Chef

Tiny Dick Chef is an online personal chef company serving the Greater Boston Area. It offers weekly meals, grocery shopping, packed lunches, school lunches, dinner parties, and more. It was named one of the best companies in Boston by the Boston Magazine.

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A: Yes, but not necessarily.

B: While having access to a professional culinary facility is definitely beneficial, most personal cooks don't need one. Most personal cooks prepare meals in the kitchens of their employers' homes. Some personal cooks may cook meals in the smaller kitchens of yachts or other settings. Personal cooks who specialize in catering may use the facilities of clubs, restaurants, or other venues.

A: Yes, but not everyone tips them.

B: There is no strong custom of giving tips to personal cooks, but a gratuities is usually appreciated as a token of appreciat­ion and good will. Most etiquette guides recommend a minimum tip of 10%, with more for excellent quality and services.

A: You should always ask if you're paying for a personal chef before ordering anything.

B: You may be able to pay for your personal cook by hiring her as a housekeeper, paying her a salary, or requiring she charge you for each service performed. Some personal cooks offer discounts if you hire them for multiple events.

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