What is being a personal chef like?

Private chefs are employed and work full time for a family, cooking and serving.

personal chefs

are more like contractors. We cook for several families or clients and they pay us per cook's day or work. Food is left packaged and labeled in the fridge or freezer so that you can eat it at your convenience.

Kathleen started out as a culinary demonstration specialist at Whole Foods, cooking both in-store and off-site. His position was fired after Amazon bought the grocery chain, and that's when he started thinking about running his own business. It wasn't until a friend told Kathleen that they knew someone who needed a personal chef that she would go that route. There are some key differences that separate these two positions.

A private chef will work with a single client, while a personal chef can have several clients. Many private chefs live on site, prepare fresh meals and serve them. They are usually required for the preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like a personal chef, a private chef would be responsible for ordering food and running the kitchen.

Some private chefs work for many clients throughout the year, like me, while others work exclusively for a family. Lauren Gerrie is the co-owner of the creative culinary company BigLittle Get Together, based in New York, as well as the personal chef of Marc Jacobs. When I started cooking, I tried to establish a personal relationship with him right away by asking him a lot of questions. Below are some of the average and expected responsibilities as a personal chef, but they may differ depending on your employer.

While both are an excellent choice in the culinary world, a personal chef tends to have more control over their schedule and customer base. I would say the most important thing is to find some good mentors, whether that means working as an assistant to a private or personal chef or starting with some time in the restaurant business. That was the boost she needed to pursue a full-time culinary career, and last May she started her own health-focused personal chef business, Kathy Is Cooking. When I'm not cooking, I'm constantly trying new things, consulting food blogs, and talking to my friends in the industry, chefs, sommeliers or mixologists about techniques and applications.

As a personal chef, you're likely to encounter people with a wide range of preferences and dietary needs or restrictions. There are many different paths you can take to start your career toward becoming a personal chef. This isn't required, but earning a certification gives you a competitive advantage and can differentiate you from other applicants when applying for personal chef positions. Some personal chefs have also been successful in serving a single market or niche market, such as organic, vegetarian or vegan cuisine.

Being a personal chef requires working closely with customers to ensure that you meet their nutritional needs and preferences.

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