What is it like having a personal chef?

A personal chef is usually self-employed and runs his own professional culinary business. We don't have fixed packages or a limited menu to choose from, such as other personal chef and meal delivery services. Each family decides how many servings they need to arrive throughout the week. They can change that amount week to week, or even take an occasional week off for vacation if needed.

The nature of a personal chef is that they come home once or twice a week (maybe even once a month) and prepare some multi-portion food options to store in the refrigerator or freezer for the customer to reheat. Since personal chefs often serve multiple clients, they may sometimes have a more complicated schedule to work with and will require planning their service days in advance. The position isn't as important as the pros and cons of being a private or personal chef and what those titles represent. While a private chef is employed to be at home every day from morning to night, a personal chef will prepare several meals a week or even a month in advance in just 2 hours.

We specialize in weekly in-home meal preparation and there is no more experienced or better-staffed service to provide you with the best available option for affordable weekly personal chef service in your home. The traditional differences between personal and private chef careers aren't as important as understanding what type of work you want to do and the clients you want to serve. Lauren Gerrie is the co-owner of the creative culinary company BigLittle Get Together, based in New York, as well as the personal chef of Marc Jacobs. Another reason why many people lean towards the use of the personal chef may be due to the novelty of the career.

With a personal chef from Friend That Cooks, you can get much better value for your party or wine dinner than hiring a catering service. As a personal chef, I have to create an atmosphere in the dining room in addition to the work I do in the kitchen. While a personal chef and a private chef have several things in common, there are several distinctions between them. What matters more than the title of personal or private chef is what the client expects from the person in the position.

Because private chefs are often salaried employees, the cost is significantly higher than that of a personal chef who comes home weekly or monthly.

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