How to become private chef?

Most personal chef positions require up to five years of experience before working in a private kitchen. You can get this experience by working in a restaurant or participating in a culinary learning. You'll likely need to start as an entry-level cook and work your way up to chef status. Education is not required to be a personal chef.

You don't need a degree in culinary arts. Or even have some education in cooking school. You don't even need a business or other degree. Two ICE alumni have recently started their own personal chef businesses, taking lessons from the classroom to their careers.

They explain how they got started and share their opinions on prices and kitchen essentials. A personal chef prepares meals for several customers throughout the week. These are often pre-prepared meals that can be heated and eaten by the customer. A private chef works for a single client or a family and takes care of all their culinary needs.

They can travel with the customer and some even live in the customer's home. To become a private chef, the most common type of training is a two- or four-year culinary arts degree from a culinary institute. However, some private chefs learn their craft through mentoring and learning. Regardless of their academic background, private chefs need extensive culinary knowledge and skills to succeed in their jobs.

Private chefs require a food handler license from the local health department and possibly register through the National Restaurant Association. Staff & Private Chef Jobs in Seattle WA. If you love to cook but don't think you want to work in a commercial kitchen, becoming a private chef could be your path. However, some private chefs work through agencies and may visit clients' homes several times a month to prepare several meals for customers to heat up and eat later.

Or a client can hire a private chef to prepare all the meals, every day a long-term job that requires a lot of time and effort, says private chef Isabella Bedoya. A private chef typically only works for one client, while a personal chef can accept many customers, according to the American Personal and Private Chef Association (APPCA). Traditionally, private chefs are service workers who live in their employer's home and prepare all or most of the food. Whether a private chef is in uniform or not, he needs comfortable, protective shoes and work clothes, and have a clean appearance.

I have worked in a 5-star hotel for about 6 years (I was a sushi chef before this hotel and came as the main manager), but I have never made private or personal clients. Don't be afraid to start by telling your friends and loved ones that you're a private chef, says Bedoya, adding that creating an Instagram account dedicated to your food creations could also eventually attract customers. The type of food a private chef cooks depends on the customer's dietary needs and preferences. A private chef's job is not just cooking, but also interacting with customers, as both Einav and Bedoya emphasize.

In addition, he adds, if you have the gift of speaking, you can also enjoy the personal contact brought by the private chef. A private chef can plan and execute a special event, an anniversary dinner, for example, or a birthday party for as many guests as they fit on a family's dining table. The responsibilities of a private chef may include buying groceries, preparing food and meals, and cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen.

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