What does private chef mean?

A personal chef is a chef who is hired by different clients and prepares meals in the kitchens of their homes, according to their needs and preferences. A private chef is employed by a single household full time, cooking every meal, every day.

Private chefs

are part of the household staff; they can live inside or outside the premises.

personal chefs

go to the client's home once or twice a week (or biweekly or monthly) to prepare several meals, pack them for the freezer and refrigerator, and leave instructions for reheating or final preparation.

Disinfecting work areas and the various tools you'll use while cooking will have to be a big part of what you do every day as a personal chef. While not required, a Personal Certified Chef (PCC) and Personal Certified Executive Chef (PCEC) mention is an impressive example of willingness and dedication to further refine the craft. But not everyone in the field comes from a professional restaurant environment these days, many passionate home cooks make their way into the private and personal chef business, often starting with an apprenticeship or some time in cooking school. Some personal chefs also offer the same services for one-time events, such as dinners or special events.

Most will have at least five years of work experience behind them before pursuing this type of career as a chef. Like a personal chef, a private chef would be responsible for ordering food and running the kitchen. Many personal chefs work alone, but depending on the nature of each job, they can hire one or two assistants. Some who claim to be personal chefs, in fact, have no culinary background, but are passionate home cooks, some with years of experience and knowledge.

As such, private chefs must be able to maintain trust, be willing to access strange food requests and demands, and work odd hours. If you like working on your own (or with a small team), are good with time management, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, then a personal chef career may be an excellent option for you. You can also find private chef jobs using job search services such as Indeed, Craigslist, and even Facebook. Whether you've learned alongside your grandmother, gained all your practical skills through on-the-job training, or hold a formal culinary certificate, personal chef work is possible.

Personal chefs often provide a proposal, description of services, and sample menus to acquire new customers. While a private chef is employed to be at home every day from morning to night, a personal chef will prepare several meals a week or even a month in advance in just 2 hours.

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