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We make it easy for you to book a private cooking class in your own kitchen. Simply fill out an online booking request and we'll provide you with multiple competitively priced proposals. You can choose one that best fits your schedule and budget. Our culinary experts work hard to create memorable experiences that will inspire you to cook new dishes and master classic recipes. Whether you're interested in French cuisine, Japanese food, Italian food, or just want to learn how to bake bread, we've got you covered!

Cooking lessons can be a lot of fun. You could take a class together, or just go out to eat afterward.

Our chefs are passionate about their culinary art and love sharing their secrets. They're happy to teach you the basics of classic European cuisine or help you explore some of the world's most exciting cuisines. You'll be able to eat whatever you create, too.

You're limited only by your imagination. We offer classes for couples, groups of friends, or families.


We'll just give you some ideas and let our private chefs suggest a plan for you. You don't need to worry about anything else.

1. Request your meal

Takes less than a MINUTE! Tell us a few key details about yourself and set a budget so we can send you the proposed menus for free.

2. Select your chef

Within 24 hours, two to five private chefs compete for your business by submitting their best menu options and pricing plans. You select the one you like.

3. Enjoy!

You hire a private chef who will come to your house with everything needed for cooking, cook you a delicious meal, and clean up afterward.

Request your meal

Please provide us with some details and set a budget for our chefs to propose menu items for you.

Select your chef

Within 24 hours, two to five private chefs compete for your business by submitting their menu ideas and pricing plans. You choose the one you like best!


You can hire a private chef who comes to your house with everything you need for dinner, cooks you an amazing meal, and cleans up after themselves.


Enjoy your meals prepared by your personal chef

The best private chefs

We only accept the most talented chefs! All our private chefs have been background checked, interviewed, and had their work reviewed by us.

Our private chefs not only cook delicious meals but they're also good at interacting with people.

Find out who we've worked with before

Chef Tiffani - Santa Monica View Profile Tiffani's love for food began at a very early age. She grew up playing around in the kitchen with her grandmother and was fascinated by how things worked. At the age of ten, she got her first job washing dishes at a local restaurant where she learned about the importance of cleanliness. After graduating high school, she attended Culinary School in San Diego where she graduated top of her class. Since then, she has gone on to work at restaurants across the country including the Leichtag Foundation in San Francisco, California. Her style is modern, fresh, and thoroughly Californian.

I recently reviewed "Amazing Experience! Fabulous! Chef Tiffany was excellent. She was very professional, personable, and organized. She made us feel comfortable and she taught me how to make something delicious. The food was amazing and we loved learning about the ingredients. I would definitely recommend her services."

Chef Jaime - New york City View Profile Jaime is an accomplished chef who has worked at some of NYC’s best restaurants including Aureole and Carbone. Her cooking style is inspired by Latin American cuisine and incorporates flavors from her Caribbean roots. All her clients love her warm personality and professional yet fun approach to cooking.

A recent review of our restaurant, Chef Jaime, said: “The whole experience from start to end was outstanding. From the moment we walked in until the last bite of dessert, everything about the meal was perfect.” We hope you enjoyed your visit to Chef Jaime.

Some of our chefs

A recent review by 'Chef in New Yorkstated that he had gone above and beyond expectations when catering for a special occasion. He said that the food was delicious and that he would definitely be booking him again for future events.

Chef in London: POur London Chef has been cooking for over twenty years. He's worked in London, Miami, San Francisco, and most recently in Chicago. His style combines both eclectic and contemporary, which reflects the restaurants he's cooked at during his career.

A recent review of Chef Montreal: Hisculinary skills said he was a delight to work with. He had no problem answering any question we asked and was happy to show us his process. We learned a lot about how food gets prepared and enjoyed being able to watch him cook.

Chef Edinburgh: - Chef Edinburgh started out his career working in fine dining kitchens across Europe. After moving to the US, he worked at two Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris before heading back to the States where he cooked at one of the world’s best hotels, the Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills. Now living in Los Angeles, he works at a number of high-profile restaurants but remains focused on creating unique dishes using traditional ingredients.

We had an amazing time at the restaurant last night! It was a wonderful evening for us and our family, and we'd definitely use your chef—next week actually!

Chef Washington D.C. OurChefis a classically-trained chef who blew away every customer with both his food and generosity. He was described by one reviewer as “divine” and another as “amazing.”

A recent review of our service says "He cooks great food for parties." We're glad to hear our Chef made a good impression on your guests. Thanks for taking the time to write such an awesome testimonial about us.

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